Your kid’s Very Own fairy

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Supplies you will need:

Potting soil

Twigs and branches

Plastic or kid-friendly bucket with holes in it

Pea gravel, pebbles, marbles

Mini decorations like house, chairs, fence

Kid-friendly plants and flowers

Kids garden tools


Steps you will take:

Find a small outdoor kid-friendly area

Outline your plan

Dig your fence perimeter and assemble the fence

Prepare the soil/ buckets

Select your seeds

Check you are in the correct season

Plant your seeds/ buckets of seeds

Water your seeds

Place fairy decorations


Now that we have the basic idea of what we will need and what we will be doing we can round our kids up and see if they are ready to have a fun, messy day. Gather your children and your nerve and proceed to the outdoor area you have chosen for your kid's fairy garden. Once they see you with a shovel of course they will want one also. So hopefully you didn't forget theirs or else you may have a longer day than expected.

With shovels in hand you are about to begin one fun-packed day with your kids, and yes one messy bathroom afterward. With an idea of how large you need your area dig a perimeter out to put your fence. Assemble and place your fence, while the kids break theirs, or not, but make sure they get some fencing also so this keeps both the children and yourself involved.

With the kid's fairy garden, all fenced in and secure and the kids still content and enjoying themselves continue to dig out your garden where needed. If you are using buckets you may not need to dig a hole for your seeds. If you do need a hole dug for your seeds the package will tell you how deep they need to be. After you have the proper hole dug or bucket size you will want to add in your potting soil

Mix it around good and loose with no clumps and plant your seeds. This will probably be the kid's favorite part of building the fairy garden so make sure that you buy extra seeds and buckets so they can play.

With your kids all dirty now and the seeds secure, it's time to turn the dirt into mud and water those seeds. Don't worry the children are washable. If your water hose is in distance you can stretch it out to water the seeds in your fairy garden while giving the kiddos a spray on the way. If you don't have a hose or it doesn't reach, no worries. Just fill a bucket or two, one for the seeds and one for the kids, and water your new addition to the family, your plant seeds. Don't forget to dump some on the children they will appreciate the rinse.

Your seeds are ready to start growing while I'm sure the wild child's about to start growling. Don't get discouraged you are over halfway through your project and there are still a lot of chances to build memories.

Your seeds are ready to begin their lives and start growing as soon as the water hit them they began to flourish sort of like your baby's birth started.

Now it's time to get creative. From this point on it is entirely up to you. Whatever decoration or design your kids choose will be appreciated and easy for your plants and flowers to thrive amongst. If you haven't been drowning by the kids in the watering process, then get ready to decorate. Hand out the grave, pea rocks, and or marbles in something easy for the kids to disperse throughout their fairy garden. Let them use as little or as much as needed to get the desired look for their garden. You may want to Remind them throughout the project that this is their fairy garden so they need to put their ideas and thoughts into it. This will make it more personal. I like to add a river or creek in my fairy scenes and I'm sure a little more water involvement won't hurt your little ones' feelings.

Remember this is a project that can't be messed up. There is no wrong or right in building your kid's fairy garden as long as it stays fun and your building a relationship with your plants as well as with your kids. This may sound crazy but a plant is a living thing and I truly believe they can feel what energy we put off. If what I believe is true you should end up having the most beautiful fairy garden around. Enjoy this moment and let your imagination run wild with the children.

Soon you will notice that while you are simply living life your fairy garden is starting to look that way also. Pat yourself on the back you have almost made it through this project alive. While your plants are just beginning to awaken I can guarantee you the kids on the other hand are doing the opposite. Two birds one stone. Double-check your work and do any touch-ups or adjustments that your garden may need. Have everyone grab the extra supplies and start to clean up the surrounding area.

After everything is cleaned up and you and your child are satisfied with the fairy garden then you can head on afterward, when you are all washed up and your babies are sound asleep from a long hard day of work you can kick back on the couch and admire their work from a distance. Morning time will come soon and you may need to go over the basic details of maintaining the fair garden with your child. The type of plants you choose should be kid-friendly and way maintenance if you expect that they will want to continue to maintain their garden.

I hope you and your creation had as much fun as I did while writing this article. Remember those plants are not so different and if you are a mom you can also be a Gardner with not any more effort. Last but not least enjoy watching your kids shine as the sun will shine on the plants and they will both flourish with a little love.



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